210 D /  3 Ply 
  210 D /  6
  210 D /  9
  210 D / 12
  210 D / 18
  210 D / 24
  210 D / 36

  80 g
250 g
500 g
Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Beige,
Gray, White


8-Strand Braid

Sea anchor rope
Yacht line
Fishing net & Sinker line
Sein & Gill net line
Skipping rope
Camping cord

16-Strand Braid

12-Strand Braid

Flag line
Heaving line
Yacht line
Sash cord
Starter cord for motor equipment

8-Strand Hollow Braid

Water ski rope
Dog & Cat lead
Shoe lace
Boat life-line

8&16-Strand Sinker Braid

Gill net line

Double Braid

Marine - Hawser ropes for Mooring, Towing, Anchoring, Yacht ropes


3-St. Rope 8-St. Rope
Material Dia Size (mm) Usages
(Poly Propylene)
Mono Rope
Multi Rope
Danline Rope
4 ~ 60     Mooring Rope
    Dock & Anchor Rope
    Boat life-line
    Tent tie-down
    Pool barrier line
    Public utility and in general use in home, farm and industry

P.E Rope (Poly Ethylene)
Nylon Rope


Compound Rope Kuralon Rope
Material Dia Size (mm) Usages
Compound Rope 4 ~ 60   Trawling, towing, mooring, anchor lines and
  recreational net applications
Kuralon Rope
Polyester Rope